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August 30, 2016

On the Twittersphere

ATA Local 48 @ATALocal48

Today we welcome back FMPSD teachers. Please know that your local is here to support you! We wish you all the best. Happy new year!

Randy Hetherington @rwhetherington

1st class Monday…excitement of starting 51st consecutive schl yr as stdt, tchr, prncpl & now professor. Awesome.

From Summer Conference (#ATASumCon)

Darren Moroz @darrenmoroz

A huge thank you to all ATA instructors and staff for your time and energy in making #ATASUMCON so successful!

Jackie Chandra @ChandraBing

We can't teach reconciliation unless we live it. And WE need to be courageous learners — @Bearhead_C.

Alison Turner @jt_alison

Estimated 30–50% of homeless youth identify
as LGBTQ. What can schools do to support these children better?

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