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Your Views: From Twitter

September 22, 2015

Teachers on the twittersphere

Robert Twerdoclib @VPRobertATA

I teach social studies. I teach voting.

Bill Belsey @Inukshuk

Strongly encourage teachers to get students involved with @studentvote. Citizenship starts early!

Jenny Regal @JennyRegal

Proud to be @ this year’s Pride Breakfast w/other Local 38 peeps. Great to see so many MLAs and CBE trustees here!

Calgary Teachers @ATA38

Great to see trustees out at Pride this weekend! Together, we can create a safe and caring environment for all.

Calgary Teachers @ATA38

Proud to be a teacher. Proud to be a Canadian citizen. Ready to exercise our democratic franchise.

Joe Bower @joe_bower

For children there is a fine line between teasing and torment. Adults need to be acutely aware of the difference & act. #abed #edchat #bced

David Eggen @davideggenAB

Our government will do whatever is necessary to support transgender students attending Alberta schools.

Donnella @Donnella_P

I’m turning my kindergarten classroom into a space-going vehicle. Any suggestions?

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