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Your Views: From Facebook

September 8, 2015

What’s the one new thing you’re doing to start off the school year on a ­positive note?

Laurie McIntosh

I started a "Parent Communication Centre" outside my classroom with important news, articles, pictures and work from our classroom. I am also using a digital portfolio app called Fresh Grade in order to keep in touch daily with parents.

Deb Rennie

Had parents email me summer vacation photos that the students presented to the class on the Smart Board.

Carleen Pocklington

I wrote each of my students a personalized handwritten message the week before school and mailed it to all of their homes.

Candice Medynski Riehl

Planning plenty of outdoor lessons and taking more movement breaks!


What do you typically spend on back-to-school?

Cherlyn Forth

I’d say I easily spent over $1,000 for the first three years of my career ... new grades, new schools, new costs each year! It’s slowed down a bit since then, and I usually spend an average of $500 per year (now that I’m in my 10th year).

Carleen Pocklington

I should probably keep track but I think I would cry ... probably could have squeezed in a vacay.

Karlee Nerh

Too much to count! At least $400 and that’s being conservative!

Cynthia Lynn Brocklebank

The first year of teaching is especially EXPENSIVE. I worked at a school for a couple of years where parent council gave each teacher $100 a year towards classroom extras (stickers, Ziploc bags, etc.) AND about $400 towards classroom furniture. It was absolutely incredible!

Reaghan Manyluk

I like the tax deduction [idea]! It would be nice to claim some of these expenses! I don’t even keep track.

Michelle Schalm Richardson

Even after shopping at Value Village for books and such, I’m guessing about $400 and that is in my 18th year of teaching ... it is crazy.

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