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September 8, 2015

International teaching positions available

The Department of National Defence has a limited number of teaching positions at two international schools located in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Selected candidates will serve for two years, during which time they will remain employees of the sponsoring school district in Canada. The teacher’s salary and associated employer’s benefits will continue to be paid by the sponsoring school districts, which will be reimbursed by the department.

Interested candidates are invited to visit Click on Education & Training then Teacher Recruitment.

Free resources create positive school environment

The Rick Hansen School Program is available to provide educators with a range of teaching tools that support the development of a positive school environment.

Aimed at encouraging students to be engaged, ethical and entrepreneurial, the program includes free, ready-made resources to support teachers and schools with the aim of helping students develop disability awareness, set goals, support others and take leadership.

Free resources can be downloaded or ordered at

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