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ATA Teacher Leader Superheroes

September 8, 2015

Teachers from all across the province are involved in the work of the Alberta Teachers’ Association in various capacities. Such volunteer efforts by members are critical to the effective operation of the Association.

Mike Wheeler

Math social studies and drama teacher at Frank Maddock High School in Drayton Valley

How long have you been teaching?
This is the start of my ninth year.

Why did you become a teacher?
Everything starts with an education, and I want to be a part of the process.
How long have you been involved in ATA work?
This will be my fifth year.

Current ATA subgroup role(s)

Local vice-president Economic Policy Committee, Negotiating Subcommittee, Teacher Board Advisory Committee chair, North Central Teachers’ Convention Association and Fine Arts Council drama representative

What are your main responsibilities?

Representing the membership by expressing their concerns about their profession and the status of public education. This is done through various committee work and promoting the profession.

How did you become involved?
I asked to be the staff rep.

Why do you do it?

Taking an active role in the Association makes me a better person, a better professional and a better teacher. If everything starts with education, then taking an active part in the Association allows me to protect and promote the profession, as well as public education. Being active in committees outside of the local allows me to meet other teachers and have the opportunity to improve myself and my abilities as a professional.

What’s your favourite movie?
Singin’ in the Rain, Predator, All the President’s Men and Chef

What fictional character would you most want to meet in real life?
Johnny Truant

What is your favourite summer vacation activity?

Not making a single decision and reading the current Manly Book Club selection.

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