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February 9, 2016


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Education Minister David Eggen says he’ll have time to work more closely with education stakeholders now that he’s no longer handling the Culture and Tourism portfolio. On which education issue would you most like to see him consult teachers? What would be your message to the minister on this issue?

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Teachers comment ...

... on SLA program

Barb Adams: It’s not intended for students to benefit simply “from taking the assessment.” It’s how the teacher uses the results and the feedback given to students that counts. It also matters greatly how it is administered, especially the performance tasks.

... on pension contribution rates going down

Craig Baskerville: Woot woot!!! Thanks to the hard work of the great people at ATRF!

... on article from THEATLANTIC.COM on the challenges of being an introverted teacher

Christopher Lehmann: I think it has less to do with being an introvert and more to do with the demands of the job. I don’t know a fellow colleague who isn’t exhausted.

Pat Chin: Some collaboration is helpful, but I found I still did my best planning when left on my own.



Gordon Dirks @gordondirks: Good public ed policy needs parents as partners. #abed Bill 10 policy risks alienating large swaths of parents. More consultation needed.

Andrew Doyle @AndrewkDoyle: Coming onto Twitter it is ever more evident in #abed how obsessed we’ve become with fads and platitudes.

From North Central Teachers’ Convention (#NCTCA2016)

Cam Makovichuk @cammakovichuk: Math is a hot topic at this year’s #NCTCA2016. Nearly every math session I’ve been to has filled up well before starting!

Neil Korotash @nkorotash: This is shaping up to be one of my most productive teachers’ conventions yet! Awesome PD.

Jen Ference @FerenceJen: Impact: “Creating moments that cause people to feel as if they are better off for having interacted with you” @NuanceDrew

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