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Moot Points: Do you believe in magic?

January 12, 2016 Kim Baile, Special to the ATA News

I have been a kindergarten teacher for 29 years, and yet the kids continue to make me giggle every day. What a joy to be surrounded by innocent children who still believe in magic.

In my Grade K room we have a back door we never use. Most of the Grade K children don’t even know that it’s a door, as we always refer to that space as the back wall. One Monday morning all of the children were sitting on the carpet watching me as I gave them the instructions for an activity they had to complete. Their principal came in through the back door, which the Grade K kids couldn’t see from their vantage point in the classroom.

When Mr. Good, the principal, left, Jack said, “Mr. Good came through the wall.”

So at Ecole Barrie Wilson School, the Grade K kids think their principal is magical! ❚

Kim Baile teaches kindergarten at Ecole Barrie Wilson School in Red Deer.

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