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November 17, 2015

Teachers on the Twittersphere

From the Canadian Teachers’ Federation national staff meeting

NS Teachers Union @NSTeachersUnion: No way we can have excellent education systems unless we have equity.

Canadian Teachers @CanTeachersFed: Congratulations to @ETFOpresident and members for ratifying collective agreement #bargainingworks.

NS Teachers Union @NSTeachersUnion: "I'm not primarily a tax payer. I'm primarily a citizen" Alex Himelfarb.

Cassandra DaSilva @cassiectf_fce: Productive mtg of CTF Board. Working together for quality publicly funded public education!

An assortment of education-related tweets

Keith Hadden @gyro31: The success of a progressive state is its worst enemy. We take it for granted.

Gerry Varty @gerryvarty: Some people memorize the procedure, repeat it a bunch of times and build their own understanding. Only some.

Jay Gamble @DrJayDrNo: We invest in education by investing in the teachers. Buildings are important, no doubt. But the people make #abed.

Jay Gamble @DrJayDrNo: #abed teachers have been derided, ridiculed and paid unfairly. I say give them a raise. They deserve it.

Urban Teacher @urban_teacher: How to stay awesome:

1 Adopt a beginner’s mindset
2 Hold on to your ideas lightly
3 Listen carefully
4 Stay teachable
5 Practice humility

Gerry Varty @gerryvarty: Those who can’t see through the learner’s eyes always struggle with adopting a beginner mindset. #abed #mathchat

Heather Smith @HSmithJaneville: Waiting to lay a wreath in Ottawa on behalf of Canadian teachers. Proud moment. Wish my dad was alive to be here.

OECTA @OECTAProv: Teachers and students are vowing to work for peace, while remembering all those who have served. #lestweforget

Nancy Ball @Nancyba1: Inspired by colleague diagnosed with leukemia: I WILL return to the classroom! Power of positive thinking.

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