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2016 Gotcha! Photo Contest Winners

June 14, 2016

Slick shootin’

Shutterbugging teachers from around the province flooded the ATA News with 59 photos for the 22nd annual Gotcha! Photo Contest. The judges had a difficult task whittling down the submissions to their top three choices. The first-place winner receives $200. Second place gets $100 and third place $50.

The judging was handled by veteran ATA News photographer and graphic designer Yuet Chan and managing editor Cory Hare, along with input from editor-in-chief Jonathan Teghtmeyer. Note: the judges’ decisions and comments were based solely on the images and were not influenced by the descriptions provided.


Spring Fog
As students arrive for school in the morning, one girl is inspired to run through the thick fog blanketing the area.

Photographer: Dana Newby, Grade 4, Blueberry School, Stony Plain

Date of photo: April 26, 2016

Judges’ comments: The bright morning sun juxtaposed with the silhouetted metal fence and figures makes for a strong composition. The one student running toward the group captures a commonplace action moment in very unusual and intriguing light.


Shape Walk
Students armed with homemade binoculars out on a “shape walk” make a significant discovery at the playground: squares!

Photographer: Laurie McIntosh, kindergarten, Father ­Lacombe Catholic School, Lacombe

Date of photo: April 13, 2016

Judges’ comments: The colour and shapes within this photo make for a composition that attracts the eye. Equally strong are the photo’s conveyance of both resourcefulness and playfulness on the part of the subjects.


Friday Night Lights
A day that started with a pep rally and carnival is completed by a flagship football event that, seemingly, the whole town has turned out to watch.

Photographer: Veronica Scallion, Media arts, arts and social studies, R.F. Staples Secondary School, Westlock

Date of photo: Sept. 11, 2015

Judges’ comments: The dramatic lighting, striking form of the subject and dense crowd in the background all combine to convey that this is more than just a routine football game. The lighting complements the intense concentration of the player, who is ready to make that momentous kickoff.

Honourable mention

Notre petit bûcheron
Grade 3 student Zoe Bourbeau beams after attending the schoolwide winter carnival that incorporated many French traditions and had students and staff dress up as “Les Bucherons.”

Photographer: Erin Murphy, Grade 3/4 French immersion, École Notre Dame ­Elementary School, Bonnyville

Date of photo: March 4, 2016

Judges’ comments: The power of this photo lies in the genuine emotion captured in the subject’s face, where an unbridled smile and wind-blown hair convey true joy tinged with satisfied fatigue. While the face is a bit obscured by shadow, the portrait is natural and appealing.

Honourable mentions

Peaceful Moment
A peaceful moment settles over Camp YoWoChAs at Lake Wabamun during a Grade 6 field trip.

Date of photo: Oct. 22, 2015

Photographer: Danielle Jean, Grade 6 French immersion, Muriel Martin ­Elementary School, St. Albert

Judges’ comments: Dramatic elements of light and shadow combine to create a very evocative photo that is sure to produce a visceral reaction in anyone who’s spent quality time at a lake. A more pronounced focal point would make for an even stronger impact.

End of Season Stroll
Grade 12 students Brinton Wolever, Riley Wolever and Ethan Young walk together after completing their last cross-country race at the city/zone championships near Cochrane.

Photographer: Gerald Krabbe, math, cross-country coach, Central Memorial High School, Calgary

Date of photo: Oct. 7, 2015

Judges’ comments: Three runners sauntering off the frame adds an element of mystery and rhythm to the undulating pattern of the landscape in the background. The students’ bright yellow shirts echo the autumn colours nicely.

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