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May 10, 2016

Reaction to Fort McMurray disaster

Corey Conroy: Huge props to the staffs today who sheltered their students in place, evacuated them to different schools and ensured their safety.

Ashley Kuzyk: Please let us know what we can do to support staff and students. I would love to be able to do something with my own class to help with the relief effort.

Messages for displaced teachers

Simon Isbister: Solidarity from B.C.! Hugs and positive thoughts to you all!

Heide Doppmeier: Be safe! Stay strong! Let us know what you need!

Reaction to Edmonton Journal story about Fort McMurray principal Lisa Hilsenteger leading an 18-hour evacuation of a school bus full of children, staff and stragglers.

Xotchilt Lazurda: I’m so touched by this and all the opportunities to start believing in humanity. Thank you ... tears in my eyes, these stories are so beautiful & inspiring!

Carol Allen:  Talk about above & beyond. The principal & that bus driver particularly deserve our praise for sure. God bless all the people that are helping out in this tragedy.

(from Edmonton Journal comments)

Sheryl Sadorski: Another example of educators that prove that they do it for the love of children and nothing else — you make me proud to be an educator today

Les Marston: We never know what we’re truly made of until we’re put to the test. There has to be comfort in knowing that when required, you are up to the task.

Bob Webber: Would expect nothing less from a wonderful woman of her calibre. Lisa and her husband have been stalwarts in the Fort McMurray community for as long as I can remember. God bless her.

Ed Dykstra: People can see how this teacher really has a heart for the children as much for her job as teacher. God bless her!

Stephanie Gladue: It’s so amazing to hear stories like this ... can’t help but tear up! I have two children, and I know how worried you can be for their safety in times of trouble, and I am so glad that there are people out there that have that same level of precaution I would take as a mother!

Sue Boyer:  Another beautiful story in the midst of all this sadness. She gave those children protection and a safe haven throughout what was probably the worst moments of their lives. Thank you Mrs. Hilsenteger!

Nadia El-Gabalawy: You are amazing —a true hero. So much courage and intelligence; perserverance and resiliency. This world needs so many more people like you.

Tweets from #uLead 2016

Banff, April 24–27

Krista Mulder @KristaMulder: Problem solving is not as important as finding problems worth solving...#ulead2016

Timothy P. Cusack @TimothyCusack: String-theory schools: bringing collective genius to the table! My kind of conversation!

roly stankevicius @mtsroly: “Teaching is not rocket is far more complicated than that.”

Dan Friedt ‏@djfriedt: Relevance makes rigour possible for most students. Daggett

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