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Moot Points: New neighbour delivers poignant reminder

May 10, 2016 Kimberly Winter, Special to the ATA News

“Have I really been teaching that long? This can’t be happening, as I am way too young!”


These were the comments I made to myself at the beginning of the last school year when I realized that my move to a new school had brought a surprise. The talented young man teaching Grade 9 next door to me had once upon a time been my Grade 1 student. He was now a part of not only the staff at my new school but also my grade team. It was a pleasant surprise and one that put a smile on both of our faces. We laughed about days gone by as we looked over the yearbook pictures from two decades earlier.

Over the following few months, the boy I had once taught proceeded to teach me a few things about technology. Whenever I had a question, I’d ask him and he was more than willing to help. That’s what being a lifelong learner is all about.

It’s amazing how time flies when you are in a profession you truly love. I have had the privilege to teach many students over the past 30 years, with many students coming back to say hi from time to time, but this is my first time being on staff with a former student.

As I spend the next few years ending the final chapters in my teaching career, it’s inspiring to know that a former student, just beginning his journey, has been placed next to me. It is a lovely reminder of how quickly time goes by and how blessed I am to have had such a long, fulfilling career in the world’s greatest profession. ❚

Kimberly Winter teaches at Valley Creek Middle School in Calgary.

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