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Teacher’s Pet

April 5, 2016

We asked teachers to send in pictures of their pets along with a write-up describing how their animal is special and helps them in their profession.

Charlie (cat) and Eddy

Domestic medium-hair and Havanese, respectively
Owner: Tanya Jordan, Grade 6, Wye Elementary School, Sherwood Park

Charlie and Eddy are best friends. I love to watch them play on weekends. Charlie came to join our family in the summer from a farm. He is extremely playful and vocal and loves to play. He is the source of laughter and fun for me at the end of a long day. His purring helps me relax. I love to take Eddy for daily walks and watch how happy he is about everything. He lifts my spirits.


Griffon-Labradoodle cross
Owner: Gwenodene Romanko, Grade 6, Holy Spirit School, Cochrane

Brynleigh is very loving. She is friendly to children, adults and other dogs. Many people have commented that she would be a great therapy dog. My ­students enjoy hearing about Bryn’s latest adventure, whether it’s pursuing a scent, running after whatever object is thrown or retrieving hidden cookies.


English bulldog
Owner: Michelle Wotherspoon, math and science, Lacombe Composite High School

Bella is a very special dog. She lived with a family that had to find a new home for her because of an organ transplant. The anti-rejection medications and pets do not mix. I got to adopt Bella from them because they knew how much I loved bulldogs. Bella is a cuddle bug, and who doesn’t need that after some days at work?


Great Pyrenees (mix)
Owner: Michelle Wotherspoon

Henry was adopted after his original owners refused to pick him up from the pound. He gets a walk every morning for 30 minutes and every evening for 45 to 60 minutes. This helps me think about what’s upcoming and what needs to get done. I can get a lot of problem solving done while having an uninterrupted walk.


Mini Labradoodle
Owner: Marilyn Manning, Grade 4, Velma E. Baker Elementary, Edmonton

Our family has been blessed with an exceptionally gentle furry friend by the name of Felix. He has actually changed the ­dynamic of our family in unexpected ways by infusing into our lives his ­special brand of soulful love, fun, affection and companionship. His ­teddy-bear appearance, soft fur and friendly disposition make him a magnet for attention. He is a true member of our family.

Felix is an honorary member of my classroom as well. I share “Felix ­stories” with my students, and every year he has made visits to my classroom to share his “fruffiness” with everyone. His picture is on my computer/Smartboard background and it brings a smile to my face just to look at him. Most especially, it is Felix’s welcome home greeting at the end of my day that has the greatest impact. No matter what issues I have dealt with during my work hours, Felix’s pure joy and enthusiasm for my return to his world never fails to lighten my heart, make me smile and laugh, and more importantly, bring me immediately to the matters of the present: home, family and love.


German shepherd, possibly some husky
Owner: Darryl Propp, principal, Landing Trail School, Gibbons

Monty is an extremely smart dog for a pup. He’s completing his six-week obedience course in only four weeks. Monty makes life easier by keeping a 16-year-old boy occupied and helping him learn responsibility. He entertains us and is sometimes even good for a cuddle when he’s not in a biting mood.


Owner: Ashley Neefe, Grade 1, Greentree School, Drumheller

Molly is special because she knows how I’m feeling. If I’ve had a good day, she is spunky and playful. If I’ve had a hard day or seem upset, she is cuddly and calm. She is just what I need no matter how I’m feeling. She is a little dog with a big dog personality. She loves climbing in the Drumheller hills!

Molly helps me by giving me “me” time. She takes my mind off of work and helps me keep balance in my life. Molly makes an appearance in my class a few times throughout the year. On the first day of school my students find out who Molly is and we talk about her often. Art projects and writing ­activities are often based on Molly.

Theodore Obama Roosevelt (Teddy)

Maltese-Shih Tzu
Owner: Kaylee Borgstrom, Grade 3–4, Garneau School, Edmonton

Teddy is special because he is the snuggliest pooch ever. Whenever I get home from work, he stands up on his hind legs and hugs my leg. He never barks, and loves to curl up in my lap and take a snooze. He helps me with teaching in that he is the ultimate stress relief. No matter how good or bad my day is, or how tired I am, he is ready to snuggle and make me smile.

I show my students pictures of Teddy and they love it. They all want to know how Teddy is doing. I tell the kids stories about him, and they love to share stories of their pets with me. Teddy is amazing, gentle and incredibly patient. He’s the best dog ever!

(All photos are supplied.)

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