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March 8, 2016

Peter @yegnerd: I find it ironic that those advocating for teachers to take a salary rollback would never voluntarily offer to do the same.

Jay Gamble @DrJayDrNo: Just a reminder, too, that teachers were betrayed by Redford and had to deal with 0-0-0-2. I hope #abed gets increases.

AB_StudentVoice @stu_voice: To the creators of #protectABkids — We encourage you to talk to actual kids about their views on #lgbtq guidelines.

Tweets from Mighty Peace Teachers’ Convention (#mptca)

Johnathan Warr @jWarr06: When giving science analogies talk about the strengths and weaknesses and how to make the model better. Have kids do the same.

Joanne Pitman @JoannePitman5: Data-evidence can empower, create joy, create space for questions. Not linear and punitive @spencerideas.

Charlie Kraig @cvkraig: Thank you volunteers of
@ExtraCredit2016 for an inspiring event. This is why we do what we do.

Barb Arend @gpwonderwoman: Can the students in your school name two adults who believe they can be a success?


Minister needs to move ahead with curriculum redesign

I was pleased to see that the minister is extending invitations to education stakeholders regarding issues of importance (Feb. 9 ATA News). Perhaps one of the most important issues in education right now, yet one of the most unpublicized, is that of curriculum redesign. Currently, educators have been waiting for direction from Alberta Education regarding curriculum redesign, yet nothing has been forthcoming since the release of the key competencies under former education minister Jeff Johnson.

Society, economy, ideology and technology are in a state of incredible change; necessarily, education too must respond to these changes. I would ask that Education Minister Eggen consult stakeholders regarding curriculum redesign in the near future to move this critical initiative forward.

Pamela Guilbault, principal
Ecole Notre Dame High School, Bonnyville

Teacher’s story a welcome addition

I just wanted to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed reading the personal interest story of Aaron Dublenko [“In His Bones: Teacher Finds His Future by Digging Through the Past”] written by Viola Pruss in the Jan. 26, 2016 issue of the ATA News. I am very pleased to see this addition to the paper.

Judeen Hendrickson, retired
Cowichan Bay, B.C.

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