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August 25, 2015

Grade 3 SLA implementation

What do you think about the Grade 3 Student Learning Assessment program? Are you concerned? What aspect(s) concern you? Are you hopeful of a smoother implementation this year? What do you think should be done with the program?

Please visit our Facebook page, where we have a post that is open to your comments. Or share your views with us (@albertateachers) on Twitter with the hashtag #yourviews.

From Twitter

Tweets from the Educational Leadership Academy, led by strategist Simon Breakspear, in Edmonton August 10 to 14.

Brenda Vandermeer @BrendaVanderme2: @SimonBreakspear Thank you for making us think provocatively about tough questions in our roles with student learning #ATAleads15.

ME @hamlyn74: I used to think more, more, more. Now I think simple, reliable, effective!

Karen Sabourin @holyteachbatman: “If you can’t draw a direct line between what you are doing and student improvement, reevaluate.” - @SimonBreakspear

Cindi Vaselenak @SuperECSRD: “Be so good at something they can’t ignore you.” @SimonBreakspear

Letters to the editor

Our inboxes are open

If you’re reading this, then you’re an engaged member of your profession. That means you likely have an opinion. You probably share that opinion verbally with others who are within earshot. Maybe they talk back to you; maybe they run away.

Either way, why not take that a step further by writing that opinion down and sharing it with the ATA News in the form of a letter to the editor? We welcome such feedback, whether it be opinions about stories we’ve published, views about issues of the day in education (or issues that are being overlooked), anecdotes relating a personal experience … it’s really wide open.

Our submission guidelines are at the bottom of this page. Next time an opinion pops into your head, please pop it into an email. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cory Hare
ATA News managing editor

Letters to the editor: We welcome letters to the editor. Please limit your submission to 300 words. Only letters bearing a first and last name, address and daytime telephone number will be considered for publication. Teachers are also asked to indicate where and what they teach. All letters are subject to editing for length, clarity, punctuation, spelling and grammar. Email managing editor Cory Hare:

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