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Teacher’s pet

November 18, 2014

We asked on our Facebook page for teachers to send pictures of their pets with an explanation of what makes them special and how they help in the profession.

Pet name: Gabby
Breed: A regular cat

Owner: Theresa Wells-Taylor, Grade 1 at Woodbridge Farms Elementary in Sherwood Park


How does your pet help you in your profession?

“Gabby's young and lively nature provides many stories to share with my students. These stories often lead to write alouds and modeled writing activities. Sometimes she thinks she is helping by walking, sitting or laying down on my marking, computer keyboard and papers (I am sure other cat owners can relate).”


Pet name: Bailey
Breed: Shih Tzu-poodle cross

Owner: Jessica Johnson, multigrade teacher at Springridge Colony School in Carmangay


How does your pet help you in your profession?

“He helps me to see the good in each and every student and I realize they are all like him: wanting to be cared for!”

Pet name: Jada
Breed: Boxer 

Owner: Teresa Eveleigh, adaptive behaviour classroom program at Holy Spirit School Division in Lethbridge


How does your pet help you in your profession?

“I have brought her into my classroom to teach my students about animals — how to approach a dog appropriately, empathy for animals, getting over a fear and how animals can show love. She also helps me in my profession by alleviating my stress, making sure I get my exercise, and reminding me to live in the moment and look at the positives.”


Pet name: Fezzik (yes, from The Princess Bride)
Breed: Border collie cross

Owners: Stephanie MacKay, Grade 6 at Mother Teresa Catholic School in Grande Prairie and Peter MacKay, grades 3, 7 and 8 at St. Clement School in Grande Prairie.


How does your pet help you in your profession?

Stephanie: “He keeps me zen. Fezzik gets me out of the house every day into the sun and snow. Everyone needs fresh air.”

Peter: “He keeps my wife and me sane, to the extent to which we are sane.”


Pet name: Duke
Breed: French bulldog-boxer cross

Owner: Tara Neufeld, Grade 1 at Thorsby Elementary School


What makes your pet special?

“Duke is one special guy to me because not a day goes by that his personality doesn't make me laugh. His wagging little tail and happy jumps always brighten my day when I come home exhausted. He gives me my second reboot for the day. He has a kind heart, a gentle soul and loves kids as much as I do. He helps me remember that life is short so love each day because smiling and laughing can simply make someone else's day. (In this picture I was just sitting having a coffee and he pushed the chair out and joined me at the table.)

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