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Your views

December 2, 2014

We asked teachers, “If you had more time, free of imposed duties, what would you do to improve student learning?”

Here’s a sample of responses posted on our Facebook page.

Jessica Andersen

I would be able to plan all the things I hear about and want to try but don’t have time to sit down and work out the details for.

Jennifer Mallett Lynch

Sit and reflect.

Vanessa Boila

Sleep! Scores would probably go up if I wasn’t so overworked.

James Hewitt

I would share ideas with colleagues, have time to reflect on what works best and have time to plan the little things that really matter.

Linda Butler Dunn

Innovate and create rather than survive.

Jennifer Pedersen

Planning and creating!

Charlene Daub

I think we and our students can learn to be better inquirers.


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