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November 4, 2014

Ever had a great teacher? Tell us your story at Here’s a sampling of what’s been posted so far.

Her name was Mrs. Potts, but we all called her Potts, even when she could hear us. She was our high school drama teacher. I never took a drama class, but I spent all my free time in the drama room and in the drama club. From Potts I learned all about technical theatre — how to hang lights, build a set, make a soundtrack. More importantly, I learned how to solve problems, work with people, ask for help, apologize for mistakes and pursue excellence. Saying she was important to me is an understatement — she changed my life.

My Grade 6 teacher, Mr. Laundry, was the one teacher who stood up for me when a bully would not leave me alone. He inspired me to become a teacher who cares about the individual student, not the curriculum. He always took time to know his students and have fun in the classroom. Because of him I really cared about learning.

I have always struggled with math. When I was in high school, obviously, math was more difficult. If it hadn’t been for Mr. Rumohr, I would never have passed Math 10 and 20. He had a way of making math understandable and was always willing to give extra help to make sure that you knew what he was trying to teach. I will never forget his dedication to all of his students. I teach math now, and I hope that I can help my students with the same sincerity and dedication he ­offered. Thanks Mr. Rumohr!

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