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PEC establishes committee to study role of superintendents within teaching profession

November 4, 2014 Shelley Svidal, ATA News

Highlights of the Provincial Executive Council meeting held Oct. 23 and 24 in Edmonton

PEC Points

  1. As provided for in the general bylaws, directed that the 2015 Association general election be conducted by electronic means; approved administrative guidelines for the conduct of the election; and directed that the election date be set as March 23, 2015.
  2. Approved in principle and referred to Finance Committee for review and costing a proposed list of programs on which the Association should focus in 2015/16.
  3. Established the Committee on Superintendents in the Teaching Profession.
  4. Received the report of a hearing committee, which found a teacher guilty of three charges of unprofessional conduct for failing to treat students with dignity and respect and show consideration for their circumstances when the teacher’s actions regarding an online survey, led by colleagues, caused students to feel conflicted about remaining involved and to meet with their project leaders, the assistant principal and principal for support; for undermining the confidence of students in another teacher when the teacher received from the students, asked to delete an online survey, written and dated statements about the colleague’s actions with them, thus failing to uphold the Code of Professional Conduct, clause 12; and for bypassing colleagues with the teacher’s concerns about the online survey and the deletion process and going directly to the principal, thus failing to criticize the professional competence or professional reputation of another teacher only in confidence to proper officials and after the other teacher has been informed of the criticism, thus failing to uphold the Code of Professional Conduct, clause 13. To address all three charges, the hearing committee imposed the penalty of a letter of reprimand.
  5. Approved Guidelines for Economic Policy Committees, 2014/15.
  6. Authorized an overexpenditure to allow the eight field members of the curriculum committee to attend a curriculum symposium, scheduled for
    Nov. 28 in Edmonton.
  7. Directed the Association to contract to produce promotional materials in French in order to assist in advancing French services at the Association to teachers who teach in the French language, particularly in immersion programs, francophone schools and French language arts.
  8. Authorized the attendance of up to six council members at the Parkland Institute annual fall conference, People vs Profiteers: Demanding Justice and Equity, scheduled for Nov. 21 to 23 in Edmonton.
  9. Approved an administrative guideline regarding cellphones.
  10. Named a field member to fill a vacancy on the Political Engagement Committee.
  11. Approved the names of five teachers for addition to the Association instructors name bank, which is used as a source of appointments to the Association instructors corps as the need arises.  ❚

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