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Get ready — online voting is a go

November 4, 2014 ATA News Staff

Online ATA account a must for voters

No paper. No pencils. No postage.

The 2015 PEC election will be the first election in ATA history to have voting conducted exclusively online. A motion recommending the move was approved by Provincial Executive Council at its meeting in October. As with the paper ballot method used in the past, teachers will have a period of weeks during which to cast their votes.

But in order to vote, teachers first must have an up-to-date online ATA account.

Whether you need to create an account or update your existing one, just visit and click the login button near the top of our home page. From there you will be taken to the login page where, at the click of a button, you can

  • request an account,
  • retrieve a user name, or
  • change your password.

Getting your online ATA account isn’t hard, but it’s necessary if you want to vote in the 2015 PEC election. Do it now and be ready. ❚

New users need their teaching certificate numbers

You need your teaching certificate number if you will be creating a new online ATA account. The number appears on the certification card issued to you by Alberta Education.

If you cannot locate your certification card, you can request your teaching certificate number by contacting any one of the following organizations:

Alberta Education
Alberta Education is responsible for issuing teaching certificates in Alberta. Call 310-0000 toll free or 780-427-2045 in the Edmonton area and ask for Teaching & Leadership Excellence.

Your school district’s HR department
Your district should have requested your teaching certificate number and kept it on file when you were hired.

Alberta Teachers’ Association
Call 1-800-232-7208 toll free or 780-447-9400 (Edmonton area) and ask for Teacher Qualifications Services. Your number should be on file with us if you have applied for a statement of qualifications or you’ve had an evaluation of your teaching qualifications.

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