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Batty at Barnett House

November 4, 2014

Staff at Barnett House got into the Halloween spirit early during a special lunch on Oct. 22.

The ATA library has more than 15,000 titles, which are available for teachers to access. The library also links to more than 2,000 websites on its web resources pages and provides access to 600 ­professional journals and magazines through its database. The library answers more than 2,000 reference questions from teachers each year.

Theobald works in the Government program area, which supports the governance and operation of the Association as well as its external advocacy, communications and research functions.

Library technician and cowgirl zombie Sheeba Kamran takes a friendly whack at associate executive secretary Dennis Theobald.

Demon librarian Sandra Anderson of the ATA library (left) along with Jennifer Gustafson and Georgina Randolph of Food Services.

Each year the ATA produces a wide variety of publications ranging from reports to brochures. Regular publications include the ATA News, ATA Magazine and the Learning Team, which have a combined circulation of about 108,000.

Editor Cory Hare is dressed as a road crew worker who’s been the victim of workplace violence as well as road rage (not pictured is a missing left arm).

Teacher Qualification Services evaluates a teacher’s years of education for salary purposes. The department completes approximately 4,000 such evaluations each year.

Margaret Jimenez shows off the dance outfit that she wears as a member of Ballet Folklorico Mexico of Edmonton, a non-profit organization that performs dances from all regions of Mexico. At her job, Jimenez is a reviewer for the Teacher Qualification Services.

Food Services employs 12 full-time, part-time and casual employees and prepares approximately 28,000 meals ranging from continental breakfasts, lunches, dinners and barbecues for the staff cafeteria and about 1,500 meetings held at Barnett House throughout the year.

Food Services staff Nabila Batraki is dressed as a mysterious Venetian.

The Teacher Welfare program area provides ATA members with advice on a range of topics, including collective bargaining, the interpretation and application of collective agreements, grievance procedures, group benefit plans, pensions, Employment Insurance, and rights for maternity and adoption leave.

Belinda Ferro, a secretary in the Teacher Welfare program area, shows off her luminous ragged doll costume under a blue light.

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