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September 9, 2014

Featured here are comments on social media related to the first day of school.

Derek Podca @dpodca: My wife has 43 students in her Math 20 class. The desks barely fit the room. In Alberta. #yyc

Karen Preddy @preddyk2: @dpodca my kid said same thing. Can barely get out of desk #firehazard #yycbe #unsafe #ableg

Thomas Lukaszuk @LukaszukMLA: @albertateachers Both girls returned from 1'st day of school (grades 1 & 10) with massive smiles. Best report card for #abed ever. #pcldr

Mark Ramsankar @MarkATAPres: @LukaszukMLA an exciting time for teachers families. Remain focused on classroom support and future work with teachers.

Ed Ammar @EdAmmar: Tomorrow school starts, thanks to our teachers. They do a great job and [they] deserve to be treated fairly @albertateachers #yeg #ableg

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