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Q & A: Great summer awaits

June 9, 2015 Gordon Thomas, Executive Secretary

Question: You’ve had a very full year, Dr. Thomas. What are you doing for your summer holidays?

Answer: Yes, true, but so have our members. The Association’s staff are 12-month employees, so our vacations are not tied to the summer months. In fact, that’s quite important, because much happens in the summer. Our premier leadership skills program, Summer Conference, is a prominent part of the summer, and that involves an enormous amount of work by Association staff. We will also be running the Education Leadership Academy in July.

This summer the Association will be represented at the Education International World Congress, held every fourth year. It provides for the coming together of teacher representatives from around the world and, with approximately 1,200 delegates, is the forum to debate issues for the profession all around the world. The Association will be playing a prominent role in hosting given that the World Congress will be held in Ottawa. The annual meeting of the Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF) will also occur in Ottawa in July.

I’m looking forward to some time away from the office this summer, but CTF, World Congress and Summer Conference are also some of my duties. Have a great summer and recharge those batteries! ❚

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