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May 26, 2015

Tweeting up a storm at ARA

A sample of tweets from #ARA 2015

Sarah Hoffman @shoffmanAB: #ARA2015 in the morning & #epsb @RayMartin
YEG wedding in the afternoon. Both very happy occasions!

Nicole FrenchGillies @nfrenchgillies: Wow, standing ovation for the govt rep! Quite a change from 2014 ARA.

Lorne Maier @bigdaddyteacher: Haven’t heard the words “trust” and “government” uttered in the same sentence at ARA for a long time.

k.shimbashi @KKamiShimbo: Last year Jeff Johnson = non confidence motion. This year #ARA2015 Sarah Hoffman = standing ovation.

MsAnderson @MsATeachesArts: $40,000 for coffee at ARA ok, but no to $25,000 to explore barriers that women face in accessing leadership roles??!!

Thomas Holmes @tjnholmes: ARA funny moment in regards to teacher pension plan. “Longevity of teachers is a pension risk.”

Dr. Kristopher Wells @KristopherWells: Lots of great resolutions being discussed at #ARA2015 to support transgender students in all Alberta schools!

Dr. Kristopher Wells @KristopherWells: My feed is lighting up with tweets from #ARA2015. Teachers united to change the world for common good!

Alexandra Jurisic @alexjurisic: #ARA2015 Teachers can publicly now use words that many Albertans now share without government ridicule: solidarity, equity, justice!

Ms. Cheng @Oranguchengs: You win some, you lose some, and people who don’t listen properly are the ones who usually aggravate you.

BryanPritchard @bryandpritchard: Our tech guy looks a lot like Russell Brand. Or, I’m a bit over-tired.

ATA Local 48@ATALocal48: SLAs mandatory and wanting them done within the first 2 weeks of school is awful. Building community & relationships then!

Kathy Vladicka @kathyd_teach: Delegates seem eager to end early but we agreed to attend #ARA2015, scheduled till Monday. Every resolution needs to be properly debated.

Brice Unland @DrJykill: Budget at #ARA2015 is both excruciatingly painful yet satisfying at the same time. Like hitting a funny bone or pushing on a loose tooth.

Derice Layher @dericelayher: Big thanks to @MarkATAPres, PEC & ATA Staff for making my first ARA experience informative & amazing! Can’t wait until next yr!

Terra Beth Dowhaluk @tbdowhaluk: We are finished. So proud of all of the teachers who have been here for the last two days to represent all teachers across Alberta.

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