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May 5, 2015

Recent education items on Twitter (#abed)

Joe Bower @joe_bower: That teachers r compelled to teach 10-14 year olds how to write multiple choice tests is an indictment of our poor priorities.

Mike Haire @MiKEHAiRE: Doctors: “Underfunding and larger class sizes lead to behavioral and emotional problems.”

Memory Lane
Reflections on ARA 2014, via Twitter

Andrew Doyle @AndrewkDoyle: You know it’s getting late at #ara2014 when memes outnumber task force tweets.

Greg Carabine @GCarabine: It’s after 10 and still going strong!

Sheldon Dahl @Yakman1619: Some delegates falling asleep in their soup.

Danny Roberts @D__Roberts: Long weekend - people enjoying family time. Yet at 9 PM Sunday, over 450 Alberta teachers remain in the room at ARA. So proud.

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