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Advisory committee established

May 5, 2015

In 2014, Alberta Education established the Advisory Committee for Building an Inclusive Education System. The purpose of the advisory committee is

  • to foster communication between education stakeholders and Alberta Education;
  • to ensure that information regarding inclusive education is shared more broadly;
  • to advocate and provide leadership for an inclusive education system within each member’s respective organization and community; and
  • to provide advice to the Education Supports Sector of Alberta Education for
  • identifying gaps and opportunities to enhance an inclusive education system to ensure that all children and youth are successful, that families are engaged and that supports and services are provided in a seamless and coordinated manner;
  • identifying ways key stakeholders and ministry partners can work together to improve an inclusive education system; and
  • providing advice on the implementation of strategies designed to improve our inclusive education system.

The Alberta Teachers’ Association is represented on the advisory committee by executive staff officer Joni Turville, who served as secretary to the Blue Ribbon Panel on Inclusive Education in Alberta Schools, as well as by three field members. Their role, as identified in the committee’s terms of reference, is

  • to represent the views of the Association,
  • to ensure that appropriate members of the Association are given the opportunity to provide input on the topics of discussion and
  • to report to the Association on the activities/results achieved by the committee. 

At its most recent meeting, the committee discussed next steps in developing strategic directions for inclusive education. ❚

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