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Advocacy group calls for change in priorities

April 21, 2015 ATA News Staff

Public Interest Alberta releases election advocacy plan

Public Interest Alberta (PIA) is releasing A Just and Fair Alberta: Priorities for Change, a report designed to serve as a key resource for individuals and organizations in the coming provincial election.

“The election presents a major opportunity for those who care about public services to make a difference in our province,” said Bill Moore-Kilgannon, executive director of Public Interest Alberta. “It is important that we all take advantage of this chance to advocate effectively for much-needed revenue reform that will provide the foundation for much stronger public services, and to state clearly what should be the priorities for change.”

PIA’s task forces and partner organizations (including the Alberta Teachers’ Association) have worked to identify the top three priorities in each of nine areas: K–12 education, early childhood education and care, post-secondary education, revenue reform, health care, human services and poverty, seniors, environment and democracy.

The government’s recent budget proposals are a clear sign of why we need to take action, Moore-Kilgannon said.

“This budget was a missed opportunity to get it right. We need to change our flat tax system and our corporate taxes to ensure that wealthy individuals and corporations pay their fair share to support priority changes to strengthen the public services that Albertans need and deserve. We need to use this election to convince our politicians to make these changes now.”

The proposal also includes a range of suggested actions for individuals to engage in during the election campaign, in order to advocate effectively for these changes. The full proposal is available on the PIA website at http://pialberta.orgg. ❚

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