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Your Views: Budget prompts social media reaction

April 7, 2015
From Twitter

Colin Hackett @trifattytri: Every year our school board emails us and tells us to be ready to do more with less next year. #PCAA are ruining education.

Joe Bower @joe_bower: I teach 29 more kids everyday than @AlbertaEd reports. That’s about 7 more students in every class.

Michael Wheeler @OhThatMrWheeler: #abed current situation is like wearing skinny jeans to thanksgiving dinner & unable to unbutton

LianneSJones @LianneSJones: A concerned parent whose son is falling through the cracks wants to know how cutting funding to education will help students succeed.

From Facebook

Jennifer Biggs Hallam: Yes, we’ll build more schools. No, we won’t pay for staff for them.

Anne White:  Is it just me or is the governmental rhetoric just so illogical that any thinking person can see through the verbiage and be offended by the exploitation here? Educators are essential to creating just and fair societies — Oh wait, now I get it! Just pile the workload on the dedicated ones, watch them burn out, and then replace them. The question is with what or who? Why the unrelenting war on the educators?

Tereza Ward: When there is a will, there is always a way!

Frank J Nobert: Schools can’t run on air. When there is a will, there is also a won’t, and this gov’t won’t be doing us any favours.

Judy Walker: This makes my heart hurt for my grandchildren, my colleagues and my friends. We have had to do this too many times.

Francie Cavanaugh Carelli: Cuts started weeks ago.

Patti Gagnon: Time to start cutting back on the unnecessary things in schools like heat, light, water usage, breakfast programs.

Diane Sell: School boards have been creative with fewer dollars for most of the last 20 years!! Honestly!!

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