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Students shoot for success in Northland photo contest

April 7, 2015

Students in the Northland School Division showed off their photography skills in the division’s 2015 photography contest, which recently recognized top three winners and five honourable mentions in two categories: junior high and senior high. Shown here are the top three photos in each category. Additional photos can be viewed at the division’s website at

Senior High

First place: Haley Sowan, Grade 10, Paddle Prairie School

Second place: Brittany Christian, Grade 11, Paddle Prairie School

Third place: Tia Rae Woodward, Grade 10, Athabasca Delta Community School

Junior High

First place: Hannah McDonald, Grade 7, Susa Creek School

Second place: Isaiah Alook, Grade 7, Kateri School

Third place: Iris MacPhee, Grade 7, Susa Creek School

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