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Pieces of pi and pie

March 24, 2015

photos SUPPLIED-composite by erin solano

Junior high school students at E.S. Gish school in St. Albert lined up outside the school, each holding a sign with a digit of pi during a celebration of Epic Pi Day on March 13. One student also memorized more than 200 digits of pi.

Math and pie fans around the province celebrated Epic Pi Day on March 13. Pi Day is an annual celebration that traditionally takes place on March 14 (the 14th day of the third month, ie, 3.14). This year’s version was dubbed “epic” because the year 2015 matches the next two digits in pi: 15. Some celebrants went as far as to schedule their events for 9:26 a.m., thus incorporating the next three digits in pi.

Parkland Composite High School in Edson.

ATA librarian Sandra Anderson shows off one of the many pies she assembled in celebration of Epic Pi Day on Friday, March 13. Library technician Sheeba Kamran is poised to treat Anderson to a chocolate cream pie.

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