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Teachah, a dingo ate my Duo-Tang, eh!

February 10, 2015

Australian and Canadian lingo make for an interesting mix

We asked exchange teachers from Australia to recount the strangest language mix-ups they’ve encountered so far.

My own kids have been trying to figure out what Duo-Tangs and Sharpies are at school, whereas the kids I teach have had to learn a whole new language — full stops for periods, timetable instead of schedule, anticlockwise instead of counter-clockwise, roll instead of attendance register and toilets instead of washrooms.
Brian Graham — Melbourne, Victoria
Currently teaching Grade 5 at Millwoods Christian School, in Edmonton

The strangest bit of Canadian slang I have heard would most definitely have to be Duo-Tang. The kids asked me, “Miss, do you want us to get out our Duo-Tangs?” My immediate reaction was, “Whaaa...?” I had a slight thought that it was something rude, but a knowledgeable child with an American uncle was able to explain that it was a folder and nothing to worry about.
Julia AnttilaWhyalla, South Australia
Currently teaching band and social studies at Magrath Junior Senior High School, in Magrath

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