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Infographic: the Prez says ...

February 10, 2015

Hey, ATA President Mark Ramsankar, should teachers take a pay cut or forego their upcoming increase to help the province balance its budget?

“The premier can’t expect to balance the budget on the backs of public servants when the wealthiest Albertans are paying a third less in tax than their counterparts in Saskatchewan.”


“Teachers have already done their part and took a wage freeze for three years. While teacher wages have been frozen, average wages in Alberta increased by more than 10 per cent and the cost of living rose by more than five per cent.”


“There is a system for ensuring that all Albertans share the responsibility of paying for public services equitably — that is the taxation system. Alberta can raise an additional $11.6 billion in revenue and still maintain its status as the lowest taxed jurisdiction in Canada.”


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