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South West—Elected by Acclamation

January 27, 2015

Jason Schilling

Once again teachers find themselves facing difficult issues in public education and the profession. At the very root of every issue is the well-being of our students and, provincially, teachers continually provide excellent education to an increasingly complex classroom.

Having spent the last six years advocating for public education, I have seen the joys and the frustrations that teaching brings. More so than ever, we need to stand strong as a profession and unite as one voice against ideologies that strive to undermine our excellent public schools.

I encourage each and every member to become engaged in their professional organization and be the voice for their students and colleagues. We have the ability to move education forward; however, we must address issues of workload, classroom conditions, inadequate funding and inclusive education.

Together, teachers have the power to move education away from an economic lens. We have the ability to change the dialogue and focus our discussions on these issues with compassion and thoughtfulness. Why do we have this ability? The answer is simple — it is because we are teachers.

Jason Schilling currently teaches English, drama and, for the first time ever, physical education at Kate Andrews High School in Coaldale. He has proudly represented the teachers of the South West for the last three terms and is honoured to continue his representative work for his colleagues for a fourth term.