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President—Elected by Acclamation

January 27, 2015

Mark Ramsankar

I am proud to once again represent you, my colleagues, as president of the Alberta Teachers’ Association.

Teachers in Alberta elected me president of the Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA) two years ago. Prior to this I served as your vice-president. I was the president of the Edmonton Public Teachers Local No. 37 for four years. I have carried the voice of Alberta teachers at the local, provincial and national levels, as I presently serve as vice-president of the Canadian Teachers’ Federation. I have served the teachers of Alberta in various leadership roles within the profession since 1987. I believe the experience that I have gained from committed service to teachers will continue to serve me in the role of ATA president.

Teachers, from sparsely populated areas in northern and southern Alberta to densely populated areas along the QE II, represent a very diverse membership. Meeting the unique needs of all Alberta teachers requires a very diverse approach. I have made a concerted effort to reach members from all across the province in the hope of serving those needs.

We do struggle to find a balance between our work and home lives, and in the past year we have faced very difficult times. Moving ahead in times like these requires that the Association engage in meaningful relationship building and clear communication regarding the work of Alberta teachers and the Association. Such efforts must be directed toward parents, communities, the general public, our government and other educational organizations in our province.

It may also require us, as a united association, to stand up and fight for what we need. We demonstrated this in our struggles as our profession came under attack. We stood tall and prevailed. The strength of the ATA comes from solidarity with our colleagues across the province and with strong connections to like-minded Albertans and their organizations.

My experience is varied. Having taught grades 1–12, having central administration experience as a district consultant in student assessment and, finally, having in-school administrative experience combined with my most recent experience as your president, have given me a broad knowledge base to rely on when addressing issues concerning all of our members.

Clear vision, strategic planning and the implementation of our plans will require knowledge, experience and leadership, skills that I have developed in my work with the Association. I will continue to listen to you and be responsive to the needs of all of our members. I am dedicated to continued support for the locals in our Alberta Teachers’ Association.

Locally, provincially and nationally I have been committed to representing Alberta teachers. I look forward to leading the Alberta Teachers’ Association for a second term in the challenging times ahead.