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North West—Elected by Acclamation

January 27, 2015

Lori Szmul

I am honoured to represent the North West district of the Alberta Teachers’ Association. During my first term as district representative I visited teachers from Grande Prairie to High Level to Wabasca. The incredible creativity, passion and dedication of teachers are inspiring my efforts to ensure the voice of educators is heard. I will continue to be a bridge between the teachers I represent and the provincial Association.

Teachers face an uncertain future as workloads have increased and intensified. In the face of adversity, Alberta teachers stand strong for their students. We have stretched our abilities to ensure our students do not feel the effects of large class sizes, inadequate funding models and statistics-driven assessment, but we cannot sustain this effort. Teachers need resources, support and time to deliver the best education possible. I will continue to advocate for improved classroom conditions for the students and teachers of the North West, and all of Alberta.

I am proud to call myself a member of the ATA. I embrace the chance to continue serving the teachers of the North West on Provincial Executive Council.

I have taught 25 years for the Peace Wapiti Public School Division. I became school representative my first year of teaching and have been actively involved in the ATA since. I have held the role of economic consultant for the ATA. I have sat on the Mighty Peace Teachers’ Convention Board and Edmonton Area Field Experience committees, as well as on the board of the TEN Program at Grande Prairie Regional College. I served the local as chair of the Economic Policy Committee and the Negotiating Subcommittee. I then became local secretary for Northern Spirit Local, followed by local president. At PEC I have served on the Canadian Teachers’ Federation Committee, the Finance Committee and the Political Engagement Committee. I am liaison for the First Nations, Métis and Inuit Council.