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Central—Elected by Acclamation

January 27, 2015

Jere Geiger

It seems like the issues in education, and in teaching, recur. As representatives of teachers, district representatives strive to improve the working and professional lives of teachers. We do this work so that teachers are better able to educate their students on a daily basis.

In Alberta, it is up to the ATA to provide a voice that is research-based but also to provide a common sense direction and guidance to the provincial government. Especially in these times of a downturn in provincial revenues, a strong and experienced voice is needed to continue this direction. As your incumbent candidate for the Central District, I have both the experience and the passion to represent your best interests.

Jere Geiger teaches a Grade 5/6 class in Alder Flats for the Wetaskiwin Regional School Division. An alumnus of the University of Regina, he holds degrees in education and arts as well as a postgraduate diploma in curriculum and education. Included on his teaching resume is administrative experience as both a principal and vice-principal, a stint on a fly-in reserve in northern Saskatchewan, and years of experience teaching in elementary schools in rural settings.

In his years on Provincial Executive Council, Jere has served terms on various committees, including Finance, Substitute Teachers, Pension and Teacher Education and Certification, as well as on three convention boards.