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Calgary City—Three to be elected

January 27, 2015

Joanne Boissonneault

I am seeking re-election for a fourth term as district representative because I believe that Calgary teachers want and need a strong leader who will vigorously advocate for optimal classroom conditions as well as compensation that reflects our important contributions to society — someone who will not be afraid to stand up for public education in the
face of hostile government action.

In 2013 I opposed the provincial framework agreement because I felt it was unjust to expect teachers to accept no salary increase for three years in exchange for empty promises. Indeed, most teachers today feel that their workload has not decreased since the framework was imposed. Furthermore, the education minister rewarded our generosity by commissioning the Task Force for Teaching Excellence, which recommended many destructive changes to our profession.

A significantly altered political and economic landscape means that teachers will need to stand up and stand together to withstand even greater political threats in the coming two years leading up to the 2016 provincial election. I promise to be a powerful advocate for the issues that teachers feel are most important: large classes, increasingly complex and diverse classrooms, intensified workload requirements, assessment/reporting, and constant parent and public pressures. Further, it is imperative to ensure that our salaries keep pace with inflation.

As a progressive leader, I am committed to serving as a strong voice on issues critical to our profession and will seek to ensure that future ATA publicity campaigns represent effective advocacy for teachers and public education.

Provincial committees

Well-Being of Children & Youth (Chair), Political Engagement, Finance, Resolutions, CTF, Curriculum, Strategic Planning, Advocacy/Public Education

Local 55
Treasurer, secretary

Specialist councils

Conseil francais (president/DR liaison), Second Language
Intercultural Council (DR liaison)

Teaching experience/qualifications

Teacher, co-ordinator, consultant — K–12/French immersion and English/Mount Royal

MA, BA, B.Ed., special education/second language specialist

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Kathy Hoehn

I am a teacher and my passion is teaching. This passion led me to the ATA because I saw the value of the Association in the classroom. First I served on the Council of School Representatives (CSR), then on the Local 55 executive. As chair for our local’s 75th anniversary committee, I helped organize a gala fundraiser for the Sheldon Kennedy Children’s Advocacy Centre to celebrate the work of our teachers. I have been a delegate at the Annual Representative Assembly for a decade now. I also served as the executive liaison to the Calgary City Teachers’ Convention Association (CCTCA). At present, I am president of CCTCA and an executive member of Local 55.

I struggled with giving up full-time teaching if I were to be elected as district representative, but initiatives that increased teacher workload and questioned teacher efficacy, such as the SLAs and the Task Force for Teacher Excellence, prompted me to action.

Speaking for teacher rights speaks for students. Strong voices are needed, and I have the dedication and experience to be one of them. The ATA is the voice of teachers. Our voice needs to resound across the province, but we also need to be listeners. All my career I have been listening to teachers, and as an ATA representative, I have striven to act in the interest of all teachers.

Two of the major issues I continue to hear about from colleagues are teacher workload and collaboration time. Action is needed on both these issues. By listening to the voices of teachers, we can seek solutions which, as your representative, I will work to implement.

The role of district representative will be a steep learning curve. I want to accept that challenge.

Kathy Hoehn teaches Grade 2. Her husband is a retired teacher and they have four adult children.

Watch Kathy Hoehn's campaign video.

Kevin Kempt

I am seeking re-election as district representative so that I may continue advancing the interests of Calgary teachers. I am committed to being part of effective decision making and professional working relationships at Provincial Executive Council. My work on your behalf attests to my dedication in advancing your issues. It is my belief that my most important responsibility as your representative is to voice your concerns with vigour and integrity.

My record proves I have the skill and ability to represent you as your advocate in provincial matters. I’ve fought for better working conditions, improved classroom composition and sustainable funding. I’ve worked to keep your fees as low as possible while ensuring your needs are met, the Association’s goals are advanced and public education is defended. I’ve protected your professional development to ensure that it remains relevant, accessible and self-directed by providing leadership at Provincial Executive Council, to various specialist councils and to the Calgary City Teachers’ Convention Association.

The pressures of increasing classroom complexity and bureaucratic demands persist while your resources, funding and personal health continue to erode. With further provincial cutbacks on the horizon, it is imperative that your concerns are clearly articulated and defended at the provincial level.

As your district representative, I promise that I will continue to advance your concerns as part of open, forthright and honest discussion and debate at Provincial Executive Council.

Kevin is an active supporter of public education. During his 25 years of teaching, he has served Calgary teachers on numerous standing and ad-hoc committees including the finance, resolutions and executive committees at both the local and provincial levels.

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Jenny Regal

Two years ago, the government of Alberta legislated a settlement that saw no significant wage increases for teachers over four years in exchange for, among other things, a requirement to examine and begin to resolve teacher workload issues that have been around for more years than I can count.

While the majority of teachers voted yes, support for the deal was not enthusiastic. Since then, what has happened? Though there is a recent report from Alberta Education, it contains little of actual substance; the vast majority of school jurisdictions across the province are dragging their heels in making local C2 committees work. Teachers’ frustration levels are rising, as too many see no tangible evidence of change.

Can one person effect change? Perhaps. Strong voices at the PEC table can push for accountability and progress. I want to be one of those strong voices.

Calgary’s teachers deserve to have a representative who deeply understands and believes in the work we do and is prepared to push for what we need:

Increased transparency in a more efficient communications strategy from our Association that keeps our members and elected local leaders updated on important issues.

Leaders who will not be swayed by the rhetoric coming from the provincial legislature as we work with Alberta Education and other ministries to address our concerns.

Representatives who will continue pushing for a meaningful and timely curriculum redesign that supports, not hinders, our work with our students.

I teach at Captain Nichola Goddard School. I have actively participated in Local 38 business for two decades, and served on its executive committee for over 13 years, as Economic Planning Committee chair, vice-president, president and past president. I have served both Calgary locals for one year as district representative. Contact me at if you have any questions.

Watch Jenny Regal's campaign video.