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February 22, 2022



On the removal of school mask mandates

Lara Hyggen Hall-Jensen
As a teacher I feel completely safe teaching unmasked children. I know everyone’s personal experiences are different and I can respect that many have very legitimate fears. I just ask our ATA be mindful that not all teachers are unhappy with the changes, and some of us are extremely happy.

Kristie Krezanoski
Everyone deserves a safe work environment. Students deserve a safe learning environment.

On protests at schools

Mike Saad
It’s appalling that we never received an immediate statement of condemnation from the minister of education for the protests we’ve seen at Alberta schools where parents barged their way in and pounded on teachers’ doors. This gross inaction (not to mention her plethora of falsehoods and flat-out lies) just reinforces to the public why Alberta teachers have no confidence in this minister. She needs to resign from cabinet and/or be made to resign.

On the 20 year anniversary of teachers’ provincewide strike

Cherra-Lynne Olthof
It was my first year teaching and I was marching alongside my colleagues as one of the 14,000!

Meeya Ahdamz
I was in Grade 10 and thought it was the best three weeks ever. I didn’t know then that I’d end up becoming a teacher and also really didn’t fully understand the implications or purpose of the strike.

Sue Ngary
We didn’t strike for money. It was for working conditions. We were young teachers and many of us had mortgages. We did it anyway. Enough was enough. And those of us in small towns really needed the leadership of the big boards with lots of teachers. Those big boards were out the longest and took the biggest hit. Still proud of them for that. Yes, the general public supported us and so did non-teaching staff at the school.

On the ATA study showing one-third of teachers won’t be in an Alberta classroom next year

Katherine Sorenson
I’ll be teaching next year. I enjoy my kids and the courses I teach and I’m hopeful we will be reaching the end of the Covid mess by then. So hopeful. But I absolutely think the government has zero respect for us and our profession and I don’t judge anyone at all who is cutting their losses and leaving. I’m trying not to focus on that.


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