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February 1, 2022

Facebook Feedback

On the ATA’s survey results showing up to one third of Alberta teachers expect to leave the profession by next year

Eileen Virani

I have to constantly remind myself how very much I loved my job just a couple of years ago. A government change and a pandemic at the same time has been soul crushing. I am trying so hard to stay optimistic for what is hopefully to come in the next year or two. If not, I can’t see how I can sustain this much longer.

Katherine Sorenson

I’ll be teaching next year. I enjoy my kids and the courses I teach, and I’m hopeful we will be reaching the end of the Covid mess by then. So hopeful. But I absolutely think the government has zero respect for us and our profession, and I don’t judge anyone at all who is cutting their losses and leaving. I’m trying not to focus on that.

Lucien Celene

Isn’t it sad that they question the validity of a survey for only including a few thousand teachers. But when they look at the curriculum they ignore the majority of teachers and hand pick a couple of token representatives, then even legally gag them from expressing an opinion.

Bev Lefebvre Smith

I will be one of them. I am able to retire and the new curriculum and the treatment by the government only contributed to my decision.

On the minister’s plan to remove the disciplinary function from the ATA

Andrea Willman

Working conditions are learning conditions. I want the best learning conditions for my kids as well as for all of the kids in Alberta. The professionals who have multiple degrees and extensive and specialized experience in their industry deserve the opposite of toxic working conditions so they can help our kids succeed.

On Twitter

Kevin McBean @kmcbean

Today seems like a good day to remind @AdrianaLaGrange that she could do a lot to help the mental health of students and teachers. Start by meeting with @albertateachers and listening to what they say. The well-being of education in AB depends on it.

Gina D @GinaSock

Posting this sitting in my car outside the school, about to go in for “Mental Health First Aid” training to better prepare me to meet the needs of students. I arrive exhausted. Stress and hopelessness walk with me. We are not OK.


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