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New items added to initial proposal

February 1, 2022 ATA News Staff

Central table bargaining between the Central Table Bargaining Committee (CTBC) and the Teachers’ Employer Bargaining Association (TEBA) continued in January, with CTBC adding some new items to the initial proposal.

Heather McCaig, member of CTBC and district representative for South East, says two of the new items were added in response to the minister’s threat to remove the Association’s professional discipline functions. 

“We are able to add these completely new issues to the table after the start of bargaining because Bill 85 has changed the context of your work in a way that has bargainable impacts,” she said. 

CTBC also tabled a number of proposals focusing on the supports needed by substitute teachers for them to provide their best possible professional service. McCaig says the CTBC is sharing the details of this proposal on the Bargaining Updates pages of the members-only section of the Association’s website.

In response to news that both AUPE and UNA recently settled their collective agreements with the Government of Alberta and Alberta Health Services, McCaig cautioned that although teachers could be cautiously optimistic, it was important not to get too far ahead of the process. 

“Teachers should be mindful that these agreements were not possible without the assistance of a mediator,” she said. “Currently, we are focusing our discussions with TEBA on issues of shared interest and finding solutions where possible. We should anticipate that we may need the help of a mediator ourselves to facilitate an agreement in the end stages.” 

Members can see addendums to the initial proposal on the Association website, in the Bargaining Update section of the Member’s Only area. Teachers are also encouraged to reach out to their local Teacher Welfare Committee member if they have questions. ❚


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