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New co-ordinator for TES

Long-time SARO staff officer Keith Hadden moves into new role

February 1, 2022 ATA News Staff

The ATA’s new co-ordinator of Teacher Employment Services (TES) will be a familiar face to many in southern Alberta. 

Keith Hadden, who started as a staff officer 11 years ago in the Southern Alberta Regional Office (SARO), will begin his new role on March 1. 

Hadden says the top priority of his work will be to continue helping teachers respond to the difficult conditions created by the government, a job that he says will be made easier through the work of his very talented TES colleagues. 

“Leading the TES team is both exciting and humbling at the same time,” he said. “I’m looking forward to working more closely with staff across all program areas to ensure that we are as effective and efficient as possible in responding to members’ needs.” 

When asked what is the most important part of leading a team, he said it comes down to respect for all colleagues. 

“Everyone on the team has a voice, is valued, and is provided the opportunity to contribute and grow,” he said. 

Before coming to the ATA, Hadden had been a school principal for 15 years as well as having served in secondments to division office and to the University of Lethbridge. ❚

5 more things about Keith

Who or what inspired you to be a teacher? 

I had so many inspiring teachers who made a real difference in my life. I still remember Mrs. Miller, my Grade 1 teacher at RB Bennett School in Calgary, who taught me how to read; Ms. Howard, my Grade 6 teacher, who made a trophy for me after I scored the only goal I have ever scored in a soccer game; Mr. Checkley, my high school physics teacher, who was able to reach me and every other kid in class in a way that’s almost indescribable; and so many other outstanding teachers who cared and recognized and reached out and helped construct who I am.

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give yourself in your first year as a teacher? 

There are great days and tough days. It gets easier. Be kind to yourself. Reach out and find a good mentor.

What is the greatest life lesson teaching has taught you? 

Everybody matters. Everybody.

Favourite song to put you in a good mood

Well, there are lots — I love music. Supertramp’s still the best, but I’m going to be honest. What’s better than “Dancing Queen”?

Favourite COVID-safe activity

Dinner with Judi, my wife, at our little white table by the window.

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