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Council approves ongoing support for ASCA


November 25, 2021 Audrey Dutka, ATA News Staff


Highlights of the Provincial Executive Council meeting held Oct. 28–29, 2021, via Zoom.

1. Approved in principle and referred to Finance Committee for costing a proposed list of programs on which the Association should focus in 2022/23.

2. Approved the Association’s 2021/22 capital budget.

3. Amended Administrative Guidelines to update the capitalization threshold for capital expenditures to more closely reflect industry standards.

4. Authorized a financial contribution of $3,500 for disbursement to the Education International Solidarity Fund, through the Canadian Teachers’ Federation, to assist trade unionists and teachers affected by the earthquake in Haiti.

5. Authorized an expenditure of $35,000 for disbursement to the Alberta School Councils’ Association (ASCA) in the 2021/22 fiscal year and that a similar amount of ongoing support to ASCA be built into the Association’s prognosis for consideration in future budget years.

6. Approved the name of one teacher for addition to the Association Instructors Name Bank. The bank is used as a source of appointments to the Association Instructors corps as the need arises.

7. Authorized the Diversity, Equity and Human Rights Committee to endorse the Vote Housing campaign.

8. Amended the Model Teacher Welfare Committee frame of reference to include that, wherever possible, given their role as the spokesperson for the local during negotiations and disputes, the local president should not be a member of the Negotiating Subcommittee.

9. Amended the frame of reference for the Grande Prairie Public School Division Teacher Welfare Committee.

10. Named a field member to serve on the Campus Saint-Jean Area Field Experiences Committee and authorized the name of an individual as the Association’s nomination to the Canadian Teachers’ Federation for appointment to the National Advisory Committee on Inclusionary Policies and Practices.

11. Amended the frame of reference for the Indigenous Education Committee to include a non-voting representative from the Alberta Native Friendship Centre; amended the frame of reference for the Benefits, Insurance and Pension Committee to reflect changes to the Alberta Teachers’ Retirement Fund Board representative; amended the frame of reference for the Diversity, Equity and Human Rights (DEHR) Committee to include that it promote and showcase the work of local DEHR committees; and amended the frame of reference for the Communications, Advocacy and Public Education Committee to include that it showcase the work of locals in public relations throughout the province. ❚

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