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November 5, 2021



Facebook Feedback

On the Oct. 12 editorial explaining the ATA’s new advertising/public relations campaign, Stand For Education.


Steph Alison

Very glad to see there’s an escalating strategy to turn the pressure up. We as teachers know the reality, but the public does not.

My own parents didn’t realize that teachers pay a hefty sum each month into our pension fund. They had it in their heads that it was solely government funded, and were shocked at how much of my own pay the government hijacked when they turned the ATRF over to AIMCo.


Kyle Hogaboam

And what happens when the “wide-reaching and hard-hitting public relations and advocacy campaign” hits the inevitable ceiling of support and no change comes from the government? How does this align with the ATA’s asking the government for funding and resources to properly implement the draft curriculum in 2022–2023?

On the Oct. 12 Q&A article by ATA executive secretary Dennis Theobald explaining the ATA’s support for reasonable vaccination mandates.


Ted Wheat

Alberta teachers want to be safe in the classroom doing their job. Just as private companies and Alberta Health etc. are implementing vaccinations. This will be supported.
On the ATA’s letter to Education Minister Adriana Lagrange on COVID and contact tracing.


Maggie Day

I have a question that is on the minds of many teachers that is creating stress: how am I supposed to assess outcomes of the students I teach when they are so behind? My students’ only “normal” year of school was kindergarten. I wish we had more guidance from the government in this area.


Crystal Whitney

What I would like to see identified is 1) a timeline of when these supports need to be in place 2) if the supports are not in place by the timeline, then what action or non-action will be taken? Are teachers and principals just going to “pick up the slack,” regardless? In that case, what is the point of this public statement? Perhaps it’s just too bad, but contact tracing can’t start again until they’ve hired back the people they let go in August, against all advice. And as much as I hate to say this, if schools can’t be open as a result, so be it.

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