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Stand For Education

November 4, 2021 ATA News Staff

Last month the ATA launched the Stand For Education campaign in partnership with the Alberta School Councils’ Association.

The most recent iteration of the campaign includes a series of short videos containing candid comments from teachers and parents, in their own words. See the videos at 

Here are some examples of what they have to say. 

Add your Voice

Sign the open letter to Premier Jason Kenney and Education Minister Adriana LaGrange:


Because of all the things that the government is throwing at us, it’s hard to continue being an expert in the one thing that I’m meant to be doing.”

 I worry a lot about my kids. I worry about them getting the proper supports they need. As a special needs parent, if my kid can’t get the supports he needs, I’m going to have to look somewhere else for him [to go].”


The previous draft curriculum that came out in 2018 ... we had 17 teachers from our district that consulted. The last consultation, we had one teacher from our district. They lied to the public and said that they consulted with teachers.”

I don’t feel like we’re being supported provincially. I don’t feel like the school systems are being supported. I don’t feel like those teachers are being supported. I feel they’re doing the best that they can, but I feel kind of abandoned.”


It’s 2021. We need to bring the curriculum up to modern times. We need to understand that our children of today are not us.”

I don’t want to be driven out of this profession through someone’s political agenda, by someone’s lack of understanding of our kids’ needs.




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