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October 12, 2021


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On the ATA’s statement in support of vaccination mandates for teachers and other school staff

Laurie Thompson
I am a teacher; I am a principal; I am vaccinated. When my choices protect children and families then I am fostering effective relationships and applying foundational knowledge about First Nations, Métis and Inuit. I can keep going, but the Teaching Quality Standard speaks to safe and caring learning environments!

Golda David
I am a teacher and this doesn’t represent my viewpoint either. I am strongly opposed to this statement violating our rights and freedoms and it’s doubly alarming coming from a union, which is supposed to be protecting those rights and freedoms. The sole job of a union is to protect the people who pay them —the teachers in this case — and the ATA has clearly failed this time.

Sheveryn Deschambault
I am very proud to belong to an association that views student, staff and community safety as paramount when making difficult calls. This is, after all, our responsibility as educators.

This decision is overwhelmingly supported by scientific studies and medical experts worldwide. Vaccines are safe and effective for the vast majority of people, and help reduce spread and protect vulnerable populations. It’s a shame that our UCP government doesn’t acknowledge or respect science in the same way, and leaves the tough calls to others in order to protect their own optics.
Way to go, ATA! This teacher is thrilled!

Jay Grieve
This does not represent what many teachers think.

Madison Grace
Proud of our association for taking this stance!

Steph Alison
Thank you for taking such a strong stance, I fully support this. I’ve fielded a few questions from members of the public about why there hasn’t been a public stance about mandatory vaccines for teachers and school staff yet. This needed to happen.

Mark Leenders
I think the basic problem, the basic dividing point of the vaccine issue, is trust. Those against vaccination do not trust the government or the statistics provided by health-care workers and experts. … I am pleased that the ATA has sided with the science and math its members teach, and trusted the health professions. Well done ATA!

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