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September 21, 2021


Facebook Feedback

On news of an agreement between the Alberta Teachers’ Retirement Fund and AIMCo

Karen Munro

Awesome news on a battle we should never have had to fight. Next step is stopping the horrendously proposed curriculum draft.

Francine Desjardins

Bravo teachers! Thank you ATA! Shame UCP.

Greg Freer

It is a sad state of affairs that so much time and energy went into something that never should have happened in the first place.

Karie Jean Evans

Outstanding work! Thank you Jason, Bob Cocking, Daniel Nelles and so many others who worked on this relentlessly. Thank you to all the members of our communities who are NOT teachers, who supported teachers and spent time writing letters on behalf of educators. Thank you for having our back!

Lori Bland

Fantastic news! Thank you to all those who worked hard to protect my pension and all ATA members.

Gary Marcellus

Great work between lobbying, ATA working behind the scenes and the work of Field Law. Together we can move mountains (and the UCP).

Gordon Douglas Wilson

This is a win for teachers but let’s not forget others like the nurses!

Ev Dunnigan

Bravo! Thank you for supporting the teachers and ATA members!

Mary Welke

Thank you to all the ATA members who came together to support this action.

Gerry Enns

This gov’t has arbitrarily imposed its will on so many aspects of our lives, often with no consultation with stakeholders. That the public must repeatedly demonstrate their resolve through massive campaigns, including legal action, has proved successful, but exhausting.

The UCP are bullies who are only looking out for their rich supporters and friends of Kenney. I am so glad that this has been a successful outcome, but I have two pieces of advice for teachers, the ATA and the ATRF. Don’t think the UCP won’t try these shenanigans again, and when they do, don’t wait so long to punch the bully in the nose.


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