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June 14, 2022


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On the mediator’s recommended terms and teachers’ narrow “yes” vote

JohnLoboAb @JohnLoboAb
Most teachers have never had to stand up and go on strike … most of us have retired … the current group will hopefully NOT cave into this crappy mediator’s settlement!!!

Meaghan V (Meaghan’s Version) @magzvee9
Teachers are faced with an incredibly difficult vote this week. Either we accept the dismal mediator recommendations that fail our students, or we vote no and move to strike, which will be used to vilify us even more. Teachers are not okay. We need your support.

Ms. O she/her @MsOTweets77
The fight for class size and inclusion isn’t over. This government controls budget. They are capable AT ANY TIME of putting money towards these elements. And they have billions of extra dollars right now. Parents, teachers, educators of all kinds ... the fight goes on.

Trish @ab_teacher2
I feel physically sick. We will NEVER have a gov’t that does the right thing and just funds education properly. Now we’ve shown that we won’t even fight for it. Not even when we’ve been beaten over and over again. I’m ashamed, exhausted, and disgusted.



Facebook Feedback

On attending a member information meeting

George Stewart
Go and be part of the process! It is worth it!

On ATA president Jason Schilling’s ARA speech urging teachers to remain united

Kyle Hogaboam
United, yes. Bowing down to the government, no.

Darvin Sherman-Peabody
United for job action. Yes.

Greg Freer
I am not going to comment on the current suggestion by the arbitrator, but as a former NSC member I hope the language “but down the road” is not being used ANYWHERE by the ATA. The only thing down the road for over a decade has been potholes. 

Brian LeFevre
I haven’t been doing this for very long (I believe this’ll be my third contract vote), but I’m already tired of hearing about benefits “down the road” that never seem to pan out.

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