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Budget passes with no fee increase

May 31, 2022 Pedro Carriel, ATA Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer


Over the May long weekend, delegates assembled in Calgary for the 105th Annual Representative Assembly (ARA) and approved the budget for the 2022/23 fiscal year, resulting in no change to the current fee of $1,347 per year for a full-time teacher.

Total planned expenditures in the upcoming fiscal year are largely unchanged from the current year, increasing by less than one per cent.

The 2022/2023 budget allows for an increase to the provision of grants related to diversity, equity and human rights initiatives. In addition, funds were allocated to implement an Indigenous land-based learning series for members to support the development and application of First Nations, Métis and Inuit foundational knowledge. Through this allocation, the Association will also host annual event(s) to reaffirm the Association’s commitment to truth and reconciliation.

Additionally, through a cross-program initiative, members approved funds to enhance the Association’s ability to develop programs and services in French that are comparable to the high standards of programs developed in English. This will be accomplished through contracting certificated teachers and school leaders with expertise in specific areas to research, curate and develop resources that reflect the unique context and perspective of Francophone schools and French immersion programs within Alberta.

The 2022/2023 budget also allows for the development of a program for school leaders and members who work in jurisdiction central offices. The program will use both existing and new resources and will assist in keeping leaders’ Leadership Quality Standard certification up to date.

ARA delegates supported a budget request that will allow for the creation of resources and a communication plan to provide information regarding the nature of learning. Moreover, in looking to strengthen the Association’s brand/visual identity and better respond to growing demand, ARA granted resources to allow for the hiring of an additional graphic designer. Finally, work was approved across multiple fronts to incorporate more robust, integrated and cloud-based technological platforms, with the ultimate goal of providing enhanced service to members.

At the conclusion of a productive long weekend of debate, delegates approved an overall budget with a deficit of $33,500. The annual fee for associate members will remain unchanged at $202.05. ❚


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