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May 10, 2022


Teachers and parents comment on professional conduct, discipline and Bill 15





The current education minister of Alberta is striving to undermine public education. We need to vote this government out before they do any more damage!


A lot of us parents reject your whole agenda. We are the parents, not you. Just teach how to think, don’t present your opinions as fact. This teaching to think will supplement what my kids are already learning at home from their parents.




Nancy Stuewe

The best way to protect students is to protect the teachers who nurture them.




Shane Colpitts @Colpitsh

Do you see yet @AdrianaLaGrange? We are not afraid of you for us. We fear what you will do to education and generations of learners. We are in this profession because we care. Your actions have now given us resolve. They give us fury and we will not be silent!

Kevin McBeath @mcbeatke

@Alberta_UCP is dismantling our professional teaching association. @jkenney is purposefully and systematically attempting to remove @albertateachers ability to impact public education and consolidate power in the hands of @AdrianaLaGrange.

Jen Walton @alohateach

Why is an education minister with a RESOUNDING non-confidence vote still in a position to make decisions that will forever impact public education? Bill 15 and your new curriculum plan show a disgraceful misuse of power.


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