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April 26, 2022


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Stephen Merredew
Last 2 years have been practically record-setting for retirements (both “early” & full term) in my district. Many knew what was coming after the 2019 election & immediately filed for early retirement. Made it easy to hide UCP budget cuts for now — only positions lost were via attrition.

Patrick Johner @Patrick_Johner
The UCP Dumpster Fire curriculum does not support differentiation, scaffolding and the development of learning support plans that build on students’ strengths and interests. Our children deserve better! 

Corey Borys @GuanoKing73
On a phone townhall with @AdrianaLaGrange. A couple of errors in the minister’s comments: She states that previous curriculums were not piloted. This is untrue. Both the current and the previous math programs of studies had extensive piloting done. The minister also indicated that there have been no new curriculums since her time as a trustee began in 2007. This is also wrong. The current math curriculum was signed off in the same year and was grandfathered in over a period of several years.


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On Bill 15

Andrea Willman
So... does LaGrange have the systems ready to go to take over? Like, have they met with those who do this now to understand what works and what doesn’t? What is their plan to improve the process? Or are they going to cut the ATA out and just wing it? Who will be hearing the complaints? Is it someone who has been in the classroom in this century? Will there be enough people to hear the complaints in a timely manner, meaning are the staff in place, or has the hiring process started?

On the ATA’s curriculum feedback survey

Pamela Martin
Teachers have given feedback. A ton of it. FOIP the emails and any other documents you can get. We’re exhausted. We’re in survival mode. We just passed the two-year anniversary of that first press conference that said our kids were staying home for the foreseeable future. I can’t fill out another survey or form or template. I’ve emailed, written letters, sat on an interminable Zoom meeting with my MLA. The feedback is available already. Get it. Please.

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