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Indigenous Youth Engagement Program goes online


April 7, 2022

The department of anthropology and archaeology at the University of Calgary has expanded its Indigenous Youth Engagement Program to provide online learning for students in grades 7–12 who are unable to attend the program in person.

There are six available lessons, each focused on a single archaeological topic. Harnessing online resources and activities, these lessons teach students about important aspects of archaeology and Indigenous heritage, tying into Alberta’s social studies and science curricula. Each lesson is provided as a standalone unit, which can be educator led or worked through independently by students.

Currently available lessons include

  1. Alberta Geography: Territories, Treaties and Languages — Decolonizing Archaeology
  2. Alberta Prehistory: Bison, Faunal Analysis and Taphonomy
  3. Alberta Prehistory: To the Point! Projectile Points in Alberta
  4. Alberta Prehistory: Exploring Rock Art
  5. Artifact Analysis: Ceramics
  6. Excavation Techniques: Mapping Units

More information is available at

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